how YOU can support the Be Seen Project

Thank you to everyone who's been showing up with your reaching out to find out ways to help support the Be Seen Project! Even though we are still in the scrappy, grassroots beginning, I have a clear vision for how I hope to advance this work.

Here is how you can help:

  • Follow and share about the Be Seen Project. Amplify the artists on our IG @beseenproject, shout out our initiatives, subscribe to our zine and podcast, tell friends about this project.

  • Create art for our interactive initiatives. All of our featured initiatives are also Creative Calls to Action. Use your creative superpowers to knit, sew, paint, write and quite literally *make* a difference.

  • Become an official Sponsor or part of our Cohort, which helps us directly fund our project, initiatives, micro grants, zine and podcast.

  • Share your work and resources. Host a conversation with me about the project. Create a fundraiser. Offer your time, your skills, your goods or your platform to help raise awareness and elevate voices that need to be heard. There are a million creative ways you can put your talents to work - let's collaborate!

  • DONATE and help us expand our reach, fund our micro grants, and keep the project going. All donations over $25 will be subscribed to our quarterly print zine!

  • Refer an artist. Know someone inspiring who is creating impactful work from a Black, Indigenous or POC point of view? Please do connect us!

Sometimes it's easier to roll up our sleeves and dive into the work rather than to try to figure out the "right" things to do or say. We all have the ability to start exactly where we are with what we have - I know this because it is exactly where I am on my journey too. I am learning and listening and fighting right alongside you.

Join me. Help lift artists and makers doing brave work that is changing our world. We can not do it alone. ♥

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