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where it all began (part 2)

2014 | Inner Alchemy Cards
At my spring Brunch we got together and made inspiration cards. Right after, I was up at the lake to help make signs for Squam and got the download for my first Inner Alchemy Circle while driving home. It felt like the clearest channel. I was deep in the alchemy of my own life: art and creativity + desire + truth = magic. Years of Alchemy Card and intuitive Inner Alchemy Collage making kicked of that summer!

2015 | CSPH, Wish Alchemists Circle, Truth + Dare, Life Unabashed
This is the year I went all in on talking about my sexual exploration at the intersection of personal growth and sex advocacy. Frustrated with the wide gap between all that was being championed as "authentic living" and what was glaringly left out of the conversation, I began publicly sharing with my readers about my transformative sexy adventures, my open marriage, and my shifting role and revelations within the sex-positive and kink communities. It was a huge period of growth for me, one of the most vulnerable times of sharing but also hugely rewarding.

Mainstream discussions about sexuality started to come more and more into the fray. I was more interested in the gritty parts of human desire, rather than the medical, goddess or feminist perspectives on sex, but soon it was clear these all traced back to one underlying truth: so much of our who we are and how we move through the world is founded in the primary relationship we have with our bodies - and THIS was the relationship that so many of us had challenges with. I started to get very curious about the broader context of women's bodies with regard to pleasure, trauma, sexuality, movement, self-love... all of it. So much to explore and unpack. All the while I was trying to use my creative practices to bridge the tricky gap of fear and make this kind of exploration seem a little more more accessible.

2016 | Studiofemme, Rainbow Wishing Tree, Tiny Revolutions
While working in these complex realms of the body, I rebranded Wishstudio as Studiofemme the day after Trump got elected. I was fired up, angry and honestly a little afraid. I knew it was time to for me to stand up for what I truly believed in... women's empowerment, LGTBQ equality, sexual freedom, and inspiring activism. I began to really did deep into the relationship between women in their bodies and champion expression that was not only permission to embrace some of these more vulnerable conversations, but to inspire work that directly addressed our connection to our bodies through creativity, mindfulness and awareness. The body, and all it's politics, was becoming central to all my work.

2017 | Embody Love Facilitator Certification, Studiofemme Nbpt, LUSH Embodied Arts + LUSH Embodied Life
At the beginning of the next year I became a certified ELM Facilitator, which validated an entire system of beliefs I was already weaving into my work. It gave me a new foundation on which to build upon, and had me thinking about my work and business in new ways. I was beginning to see the limitations of just working within the realm of 'female empowerment' brands, and things began changing and expanding. First, it took me out of my house and into a community studio, a move that I now realize was the first step in a huge personal shift in my life while also creating space for the big shifts to come. Through my offerings, I tried on different hats as a teacher, a healer and artist, and began to see the synergy between all that I'm passionate about and all that I offer. I took me while to discern what was working and what I really wanted to be doing, but things were becoming more clear with every different direction I stretch myself into.

2018 | Change Makers Series, Embody Love Arts, and my Nonprofit Work 
This year is has been about coming full circle, back to my work in human services, in face-to-face community, and in the nonprofit sector. I realize this is where my work feels most aligned, and where I hope to make more of an impact. It has been mostly an internal pivot and change of mindset in how I operate. My passions and offerings are going to stay mostly the same, but I'll be doing more with offering my work to underprivileged/underserved women and girls, and creating empowerment with a broader  purpose. It's still all coming into sharper focus, but I know I'm getting closer to where I want to go. I want to have more thoughtful conversations about hard things while supporting others to be right there with me for the betterment of everyones life... more love for all. We shall see how the rest of this year shakes out.